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Benefits of
XAF™ Training

Train • Develop • Fuel

Traditional In-water training has long be known to benefit the human body in many ways. For example the lack gravity and therefore the less impact on the joints and muscles which helps with the recovery period. The movement are also slower and more precise making for “cleaner coordination”. The water also provides not only increased resistance as water is 800 times denser, but also more constant resistance and in every direction therefore working out all the muscles. Eccentric movements in your land based workouts are what cause soreness. In water eccentric contractions are removed which give us our motto , Less Pain, More Gain. The natural compression of water helps to flush body tissue, improving circulation and provide faster recovery. We also concentrate all exercises/elements of the workout to be focused on scuba related by ensuring that we are wearing a mask, so no nose breathing, fins and doing frog kicks when swimming, building vital capacity and CO2 management when doing hypoxic training and using zuba when doing underwater workouts. The true secret to success lays in the fact that we will build a strong core from which all of exercises/elements will be complete from. Think about this, if in land based exercises/elements you added a balancing ball on which to work out on and how much more that would increase core strength just to balance while conducting your exercises/element. Well in-water and underwater exercises require 10 times the core engagement and balancing as you are weightless and therefore using your entire muscle group to balance while working out. This core strength will take 6-8 weeks to build and eventually you will be “lifting weights”/exercising while remaining neutrally buoyant as you are engaging all muscle groups to maintain position and control. 

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