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"No Pain, Max Gain"

Scientifically designed training, skills and nutrition for scuba divers and other water sport  enthusiasts to maintain a healthy lifestyle. 


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"Low Impact, Cleaner Conditioning, Increased Circulation, Increased Vital Capacity, Decreased CO2 Retention."

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"We are explorers, trainers and coaches of the world's most exciting and effective Xtreme Aquatix Fitness™ training lifestyle."



xtreme AquatiX Fitness

XAF™, Xtreme Aquatix Fitness™, is ‘Lifestyle Coaching" that is rooted in the common desire to discover and explore the aquatic world. To perform at your highest level while following your passion,  one must - Train your muscles (fitness), Develop your skills and Fuel your body. Challenge yourself with our cutting-edge coaching based systems above and below the waterline. Train your muscles using one of the most basic yet powerful human traits: the ability to adapt. Develop and practice your aquatic skills through our building block multiple level approach. Fuel and replenish your body using our specifically designed for aquatic diet and supplements. Through our unique online self-guided plans or our custmized coaching sessions which can be done remotely or in-person or one of our amazing tropical retreats you will perform at your highest level while achieving your aquatic dreams. XAF™'s Train, Develop and Fuel approach empowers you to strengthen and elevate the quality of your everyday life while exploring your passion.